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Discover the power of real-time insights into token transactions with DevSellingBot, your premier guide to navigating developer activities and market dynamics on the Solana blockchain.

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DevSellingBot offers a comprehensive suite of services to monitor and analyze the Solana blockchain ecosystem. Explore our key features below to enhance your understanding and decision-making in the dynamic world of SPL tokens.

Tracking icon Token Tracking
  • Wallet Monitoring
  • Buys/Sells Analysis
  • Token Transfers
  • Token Flow Mapping
Analytics icon Market Analytics
  • Liq/Vol Trends
  • Market Cap
  • Top Holders
  • Initial Supply
Security icon Security Alerts
  • Unusual Txs
  • Wallet Anomalies
  • Layer-Based Txs
  • Risk Assessment
Community icon Community Engagement
  • Telegram Alerts
  • Social Media Insights
  • Dev Interaction Analysis
  • Support Channels


Dive into the Cool Stats of Our Revolutionary Bot - Unleashing Insights Since January 5th!

Users 70K
Groups 10K
Tokens 300K
Reports 2M


Phase 1 - Inception & Foundation
  • Telegram Bot
  • System Architecture Development
  • Community Engagement and Outreach
  • AMA Participation
Phase 2 - Branding & Market Introduction
  • Branding
  • Landing Page
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Tokenomics and Presale
Phase 3 - Expansion and Integration
  • Web Application
  • API Development
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Team Expansion
  • Solana Nodes
Phase 4 - Ecosystem Contribution
  • Solana Validator
  • Utility and Rewards
  • Continuous Innovation



At the heart of the Solana ecosystem, we recognized a critical gap in transparency and accessibility regarding token transactions and developer activities. This realization led to the inception of DevSellingBot, a pioneering tool designed to bridge this gap by offering real-time insights and analyses.

Empowering users with the knowledge to make informed decisions is at the core of what we do. DevSellingBot is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to understanding the complexities and dynamics of the Solana ecosystem, enabling participants to navigate with confidence and clarity.

We are DevSellingBot


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